Episode 6: Grief and How It Affects Us

In Episode 6, the WAGNN team breaks down the five stages of grief and how to identify each stage. The topics are driven home by also highlighting some aspects of the late great basketball legend, Kobe Bryant. WAGNN Panel gives the Audience personal accounts about difficult experiences and ways to handle them.

WAGNN also discusses proper etiquette as it pertains to grief, including social media networks and news reporting sites. Should there be rules to disclose the identity, whether traumatic or fatal details, to the public without confirming the acknowledgment with the family?

We hope you were able to learn about grief and the sensitivity around this topic. Empathy is developed and not given… Take time to understand and listen to others.

We challenge you to open your ears and thoughts while expanding your knowledge and understanding of people, situations, and cultures. Please leave your comments below; good, bad, or indifferent, we welcome all opinions and feedback.

We hope you enjoy listening!

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The WAGNN #Podcast addresses cultural & social issues and how they relate to the voiceless, especially black women.

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