WAGNN Podcast EP 12: #CancelCulture

In this heightened climate of Black liberation, we come across the idea of support vs. nonsupport. In episode 12, the WAGNN team discusses various situations where people were canceled based on cultural rules, societal norms, and popular beliefs.

The WAGNN ladies dissect the following questions. What qualifies as a cancel candidate? Do we cancel too early? When do we forgive those for their mistakes? Or are we too hypersensitive? The WAGNN crew discusses current events, businesses, and people that were inducted into the cancel culture. Elevated emotions drive the overuse of the cancel culture without giving adequate time to apologize. Appropriate research is the foundation of informed decision making. WAGNN offers guidelines on how to become uncancelled and appropriate apologies when a business or person is canceled.

We challenge you to open your ears and thoughts while expanding your knowledge and understanding of people, situations, and cultures. Please leave your comments below; good, bad, or indifferent, we welcome all opinions and feedback.

WAGNN Podcast EP 12: #CancelCulture

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The WAGNN #Podcast addresses cultural & social issues and how they relate to the voiceless, especially black women.

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